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The handset unit itself measures up at one hundred twenty-five.3x 66.1x 8.5mm. Its length and width are forgivable as a result of fact it packs massive 4.3 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen technology. The 8.5mm depth actually renders it the slimmest smartphone in the world at time of writing, seeing off rivals from Apple (iPhone 4 at 9.3mm) and Sony Ericsson (Xperia Arc, 8.7). The benefits of having a skinny handset are extensive. Not only does it make the phone more comfortable to hold and use, but in addition, it fit better into a pocket or handbag. Additionally it also communicates the phone look better; modern-day and sleek, not to call it also contributes into the light weight of just 116 gr.

Jeffrey Ng took from the point system after several usability exams. With the help of usability tests, he added features such as skin feature and “Rate a zorpian”.

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